I’m just getting started…


I slogged through my morning, worked my way to my computer and to the files of stories I must write before my self-imposed deadline arrives, and then, made the stupid mistake of answering a phone call from a number I did not recognize.

Disclaimer:  if the person (or persons related to the person) I am about to discuss happens to read this post, all I can say is — please forgive me.   You (or that woman) can talk about yesterday’s news like no one else I know.    Though tedious, (she) is so genuine with her concerns, worries, and alternating compliments, I defy anyone on the planet to just try shutting her down without feeling like a bad, bad dog.   She’s that sweet.

Sweetheart or not, it was two hours of my writing time gone like the proverbial wind.   After said phone call I felt the need to recover.   I very seriously considered taking a nap — even laid down on the futon briefly.  But then I remembered I had less than two hours remaining before I had to pick up my two youngest from school, which then made me remember last night’s mishap combining a broken bottle of maple syrup and my long-haired cat.  I had a few floors to wash, some bureaus to clean and sheets to launder.  The cat, however, was on her own.

I did my motherly duty of cleaning up as much of the stickiness that I could find.  I cleaned up other things too that I’d neglected for a while, and soon my time to write was completely kaput.  I felt worthless.  Like a bum.  I’ve got three separate books on film production started that I must finish reading,  several periodicals, and a stack of film scripts and accompanying films I’ve been trying to catch up on — and here it was, time to pick up kids, cook dinner and be the homework harpy.

But then I remembered the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival begins tomorrow.  I have time to buy a pass,  view several films this week, and squeeze in as many panel discussions as I am able.  The thought of it excites me and somehow redeems my loss of progress today. I have so much to learn and very little time to learn it.  I say this with a great big gulp:  I am determined to follow through with my plan to produce a short documentary before September.   Attending this event seems like a necessary step.

I did learn a few things today, though.  Let the answering machine do its job and as soon as it is possible, hire a maid.


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I write spec screenplays. Mum of five awesome people and caretaker of 6 chickens, five cats and one smelly dog. View all posts by Fringe Details

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