The Birthday I Wasn’t Going to Celebrate.

My birthday… was incredible.  The event at my son’s cross-country awards dinner — was overwhelmingly beautiful.  The boys on my son’s team, and even the girls on their cross-country team, the coaches, the parents — all showed such a level of kindness — that I will never forget it.  I pray I never will.  I pray too, that I can return such kindness and good will.

Word got out about it…and the local paper will interview my son, his teammates and some of the Mom’s that were involved, on Sunday to do an article — pretty cool.  I will post the article when it comes out.  Stay tuned.

I may write about it before then as well.

Gratitude.  Gratitude.

Learning to trust God even during hard times — even years and years and years of hard times is such a hard lesson. But with Gratitude, grace and strength sometimes comes.  Hang in there.  Never, ever give up.


Update; 50a9430d60ba8.preview-620The Article:



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