The kids have been out of school for two days because of the weather.  Snow and ice too heavy and thick to clear away so that folks may travel to school safely.

They’ve built snow forts, dragged out the X- country skis, plowed out tunnels like hamsters in a cage – and yeah — it’s starting to feel like a cage.

Spring will be welcome.  I suppose I will tolerate the time change eventually if it means the sun will shine again and I’ll be able to ride my bike to the grocery store.

Too much time indoors is not a good thing.  I spend most of my time on the computer — it’s not healthy.  Something about it makes me start to feel foreign to myself.  Panic attacks happen often — It’s my mind pinging back to myself.  It makes for a shallow existence.  I can feel it – the need to connect with another human.  You would think my kids would count in this aspect, but they are looking up to me for answers.  It’s a horrid feeling to realize you simply don’t have any except my favorite:  Don’t quit.


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