Imagined Conversation #1


Future Ex:  There’s someone else, isn’t there?

Me: What are you talking about?

Future Ex:  Who is it?  There must be someone you’re leaving me for.

Me:  Well… (Funny comics by Natalie Dee)

Future Ex:  I knew it!  I knew it! 

Shrugs her shoulders, looks the other way. Wonders when she can go get a cup of coffee.

Future Ex:  I can see it in your face!  You’re in love with someone else!

Me: Yeah. You’re right.  Feel better?

Future Ex:  Who is it?  Tell me who it is!

Me:  You really want to know?

Future Ex: Yes, dammit!  Who is this guy?  I want to see him!  I’ll lay him flat!

Me: Great…

Future Ex:  Tell me who it is! Who is it you’re in love with?

Me:  Me.

He blinks, comprehending.

Future Ex: What?

Me:  The other person is me.  I love myself more than you.

He blinks, flustered, angry, hurt.

She digs in her jeans pocket for a couple of bucks — really  needs some coffee.

Me:  I gotta go.



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